While natural hair is my first passion, traveling around the world is my second passion!!!  For the past five years, I have been traveling, domestic and international, blogging about African American history.
My mission and goal is to raise awareness, impact the youth, preserve pride in the importance of African American history. My increasing interest in black culture has led me to travel extensively to gather information and find hidden treasures of African Americans.
I have visited national historical landmarks, markers, museums, slave plantations, and cemeteries, sleeping in slave cabins, findings of the Underground Railroads, and meeting historical leaders of the Civil Rights Movement and descendants of the enslaved.
In my book, Honoring The Legacy: A Guide of African-American Monuments and Statue, I haved located statues and monuments of African Americans that changed the course of history. From gravesites of forgotten African American to monuments of men and women who shaped our modern lives, this book chronicles my journey of discovery and will leave you with newfound knowledge, respect, and understanding for the figures of her heritage. The reminders of the past will sadden, inspire, and provoke readers who take the journey within these pages with her.
This guidebook provides an outdoor museum of a list of over 500+ monuments and statues of prominent African Americans and historical events that have shaped history and past and present African American sculptors, through their artistic work, who have created beautiful and impressive monuments that will withstand the test of time.


My knowledge and experience have equipped me with to educated and inspire African American youth to have pride and self-esteem in their culture.
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